It must be Sunday, and on Sunday we . . .

. . . are up and at ’em once again, with a full-on day planned. Yesterday we sold books, learned how to get published, stopped by the Not the Clarke Awards and saw a great reading from debut author Tom Pollock . . . we even found a moment to sell a few books! And we think today is going to be pretty special too, with some pretty brilliant panels and panellists lined up. So here’s our quick daily guide to where the Gollancz Gang is going to be, and when:

10.00               Promoting yourself online

We all know writers are encouraged to do it – but how, where and when? What are the top tips, how do you get more followers, and are there any DON’TS!? Join panellists  @Gollancz, @ElspethCooper, @Paul_Cornell, @ClarkeAward and moderator @Danacea to find out more! Follow the conversation in Royal B&C, and follow them all on twitter!


12.00               Wench! Fetch yon tankard here . . .

There are few things that make readers cringe quite so much as dreadful dialogue or crass characterisation. Three authors, moderated by Bella Pagan, discuss how to avoid the biggest characterisation pitfalls and how to avoid diabolical one-liners. Come and hear Joe Abercrombie, Jaine Fenn and David Tallerman discuss how it’s done. The conversation starts in Royal B&C.


12.00               Sequel-itus

Sequel-itus is a literary disease, sometimes difficult, embarrassing or painful to diagnose and, at other times, a joy and a delight to behold. Our very own Paul McAuley discusses the symptoms, diagnosis, causes and the treatments available today with James Treadwell, Paul F. Cockburn and Martin Anderson. The surgery will take place in Room 41.


15.00               You got your Robot Elf Sex in my SF

Adam Roberts, Justina Robson, Francis Knight, Gail Carriger and moderator Tanya Brown discuss Robot Elf Sex. Enough said 🙂 Join in, in the Commonwealth Room.


17.00               The Nature of Heroism

This is one of our most-anticipated panels of the convention! A great, meaty subject and some fantastic panellists to discuss it: Joe Abercrombie, George R. R. Martin, Tricia Sullivan and Genevive Valentine share their thoughts with moderator David Anthony Durham. See all of the heroics in the Commonwealth Room.


18.00               The BSFA Awards

The climax of the whole convention – the award ceremony itself, hosted by the inimitable and irrepressible John Meaney and Donna Scott. The authors wrote them, we nominated them, you voted for them and now we all get to discover the results!


Stuck for something to do in between panels? Why not drop by the dealer’s room at any time between 10.00 and 18.00 to say hi to the Gollancz Gang, have a natter and maybe even buy a book! Today you might bump into: Gillian Redfearn, or Simon Spanton.  And watch out for friend-to-the-list, and marvellous stand manager Sara Mulyran!


. . .  and if you don’t catch us there, why not say hi at a panel – or even in the bar!