The Fantastic Elite Fiction collection arrives!

For the past year, Fantastic Books Publishing has been working with nineteen authors to create five pieces of Official Elite: Dangerous fiction, written under the same licence as the Gollancz books Elite: Docking is Difficult by Gideon Defoe, Elite: Nemorensis by Simon Spurrier and Elite: Wanted by Gavin Deas.

On hearing the harrowing statistic that only 1-7% of all new releases ever get published in a format that the blind and partially sighted community can enjoy, CEO Dan Grubb set about creating Fantastic Books Audio in order to turn these Elite books, and eventually the entire Fantastic Books backlist, into audio versions.

All five titles are currently available from the Fantastic Bookstore as ebooks and all five can also be pre-ordered in paperback, hardback, MP3 download and Audio CD formats.

In Elite: Mostly Harmless, by Kate Russell, Commander Angel Rose struggles to make her own way in the universe, falling into bad company, piracy and blackmail. Can she escape from a life of cheap liquor and living with her parents?

In Elite: Reclamation by Drew Wagar, Lady Kahina Loren, born into the Prism system’s powerful ruling family, is desperate to throw off the shackles of privilege and discover herself, but ambition crumbles when she faces death at the hands of the one person she thought she could trust.

In Elite: Lave Revolution, by Allen Stroud, Pietro Devander journeys half way across human controlled space to this ancient planet, whose name is barely remembered. What he finds is resistance. What it becomes is revolution.

In Elite: And Here The Wheel, by John Harper, Robert Garry, ex-military officer, wants nothing more than to maintain his integrity and his team’s safety despite a career change to pirate leader but a cargo freighter he targets proves to be holding much more than he bargained for. Will he escape with his own life, let alone the lives of his crew? He has always shunned the ‘folk hero’ label but is he in danger of becoming an arch villain in the process…

In Elite: Tales From The Frontier, by 15 authors from around the globe:

Orbital scrap yard worker Oliver dreams of exploring the galaxy, but when the return of a long lost friend sparks a terrible disaster, can Oliver deal with some uncomfortable truths about his own life? – A Game of Death.
Chenoa O’Laundy is on a mission to find her missing father and bring him home safely, but can either of them escape the Calite Corporation, determined to reclaim their property at any cost? – A Question of Intelligence.
Myles Jarek is a company man on a far flung exploratory mission with a hired crew. Will he be able to return to his previous life or will the Children of Zeus stay with him forever? – Children of Zeus.

These are three of 15 scintillating tales in this eclectic collection where characters from the Elite universe seek honour, truth, retribution and in one case a place to sell 300 year old Lavian brandy

Dan Grubb says; ‘It’s been a real pleasure to be involved in this project and to discover the depth and passion of the Elite community. Their support and encouragement has humbled us all and I look forward to bringing the rest of the Fantastic Elite Fiction to a wider audience. Special thanks must go to Allen Stroud for his sage advice as an Elite historian, Michael Brookes from Frontier for his lightning response times and also to Lave Radio who have helped us spread the word far and wide and were instrumental in getting our Kickstarter funded in order to bring these books to you in not only print form but as audio books too. I’d also like to thank Marcus Gipps from Gollanz for helping us get the word out to the Elite community via this blog.’

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