New series of stand-alone heroic fantasies from Tom Lloyd coming in 2016

Tom LloydMarcus Gipps, Gollancz Commissioning Editor, has acquired World rights to the two novels, Stranger of Tempest and Princess of Blood, and two e-novellas by author of the bestselling Twilight Reign series Tom Lloyd from  Simon Kavanagh of the Mic Cheetham Agency

Tom Lloyd’s brand new series of commercial fantasy adventures follow a brilliantly likeable mercenary with a sense of honour, struggling to maintain his decency in a world turned upside-down by war. He reluctantly signs up with a new company, only to discover that they’re perhaps not as well-intentioned as he would like…

Tom Lloyd’s previous heroic fantasy books, including the bestselling Twilight Reign series amongst others,  have sold over 75,000 copies and have been translated worldwide.

Marcus Gipps said “I am thrilled to be signing Tom up for another amazing new series. He’s been one of the most important names on our fantasy list for the last ten years, and this new series serves as a perfect place for readers to jump on to his writing”

Tom Lloyd said: “This week it’ll be ten years to the day since I first signed for Gollancz so I’m delighted to be kicking off a new series with them. I’ve been having great fun with this collection of foul-mouthed, childish and trigger-happy mercenaries so I’m eager to get on with having them blow up as much of the Fractured Kingdom as possible.”

Stranger of Tempest will be published in trade paperback/ eBook in July 2016.  Princess of Blood will follow in trade paperback / eBook in 2017.  The two eNovellas will be released in February 2017 and 2018 and provide background to some of the major characters of the series.

About Tom Lloyd: Tom Lloyd was born in 1979 in Berkshire. After a degree in International Relations he went straight into publishing where he still works for Atlantic Books. He never received the memo about suitable jobs for writers and consequently has never been a kitchen-hand, hospital porter, pigeon hunter, or secret agent. He lives in Oxford, isn’t one of those authors who gives a damn about the history of the font used in his books and only believes in forms of exercise that allow him to hit something. Visit him online at