Exciting Acquisition News: Emma Newman has joined Gollancz!

We are delighted to share the news that the award-winning Emma Newman has joined the Gollancz list, and we’re set to publish four books set in the PLANETFALL world!

A new title in the series, BEFORE MARS, will publish alongside the US in April 2018 and the fourth will follow in 2019.

Ebooks and audio books of the first two books in the series, PLANETFALL and AFTER ATLAS, will be published on the 28th December 2017, with paperbacks following in February 2018.

Originally published by Ace Books in the US, both titles received widespread glowing reviews, including from the New York Times and the Washington Post. AFTER ATLAS was shortlisted for the prestigious Arthur C Clarke award in 2017.

Emma said: “I am so delighted that Gollancz will be my UK publisher for my science-fiction novels. I’ve always admired them, as they published all the classics that I devoured as a teenager and to think that my books are now part of their list absolutely thrills me.”

We are so delighted to welcome Emma to the Gollancz family – these standalone SF novels are a perfect introduction to her work, and the emotional power she can wield.