Have you spotted THE LAST NAMSARA in Fairyloot?

The secret is finally out – THE LAST NAMSARA is in Fairyloot‘s November box! And what better choice for the theme ‘Ladies the Slay’ (if we do say so ourselves). Fairyloot subscribers were treated to an exclusive edition of the cover with sparkling silver foil, as well as a shimmering gold badge, letter from Kristen and an exclusive postcard designed by Julia Iredale, plus loads of other cool goodies selected by the Fairyloot team.

We’ve been loving seeing all the unboxing posts and reading your comments! If you haven’t yet grabbed Kristen Ciccarelli’s debut (one word: DRAGONS!), hightail ye to your nearest bookshop or order a copy online now.

Behind the scenes – Kristen signing the bookplates for the Fairyloot copies!

There have been a few comments about the limited edition postcards – the beautiful, collectable designs were created by Julia Iredale – and especially for the blog, Julia has given us a sneak peek behind the process of creating each character…

Working on these images for THE LAST NAMSARA was a rare treat as an illustrator.  Kristen Ciccarelli’s work is so rich in poetic visual metaphor, I felt such a calling to paint the moment I read her words.

These pieces were created over a few back and forth sessions with Kristen, where we were able to hone in on the central themes and symbols that defined each character.  Iskari, the blue goddess, is a merciless huntress, who brings destruction and death. Namsara, the golden god, is a shining light who brings joy and healing to the world around him.  I wanted to emphasize the duality between the two, and so painted Iskari in cold blues, with her weapons and her animal pelts hanging off her, and Namsara in warm reds and yellows, with birds around him and a flower blooming in his palm. Their night-and-day natures are symbolized by the moon symbol over her heart, and the sun over his.

For the dragon image, I was very happy to make Kristen a dragon that she loved, for as she told me after, she is “very picky about dragons!” Kozu is formidable and fierce, and yet also beautiful, so I really wanted to capture his elegance combined with his massive scale.  This image is about showing Asha, seeming so small and encircled by the dragon’s wing, yet standing so firm and fierce to face him. 


Thanks to Julia for the look behind the scenes, and big thanks to Fairyloot for SLAYING it on their November box! ?