Happy Publication Day: 17th May 2018!

It’s publication day over here at Gollancz, and we have quite the spread of titles for you: from tricksy fantasy courtesy of the ever-fantastic Joanne Harris, to post-human SF by the fabulous Justina Robson, and all topped off by a savagely wonderful novel by Mark Alder. Read on to find out more!


Testament of Loki – Joanne Harris

The second adult epic fantasy novel from multi-million-copy bestselling author Joanne Harris.

Ragnarok was the End of Worlds.

Asgard fell, centuries ago, and the old gods have been defeated. Some are dead, while others have been consigned to eternal torment in the netherworld  – among them, the legendary trickster, Loki. A god who betrayed every side and still lost everything, who has lain forgotten as time passed and the world of humans moved on to new beliefs, new idol and new deities . . .

But now mankind dreams of the Norse Gods once again, the river Dream is but a stone’s throw from their dark prison, and Loki is the first to escape into a new reality.

The first, but not the only one to. Other, darker, things have escaped with him, who seek to destroy everything that he covets. If he is to reclaim what has been lost, Loki will need allies, a plan, and plenty of tricks . . .


‘An ingeniously skewed retelling of Norse mythology’ Starburst on The Gospel of Loki

‘Retells the sagas for adults, in all their wintry, saucy, grandiose, melancholy glory’ Financial Times on The Gospel of Loki

‘A beautifully written darkly fun fairytale which breathes new life into the Trickster’ Geek Planet Online

‘Harris has enormous fun with her antihero . . . this mythical bad boy should beguile fans of Neil Gaiman’ Metro


The Testament of Loki is out now in Hardback, eBook and Audio – get your copy now!


Son of the Night – Mark Alder

The 100 Years War reaches the bloody slaughter of Crecy as Angels and Demons fight for the future of Man, in a series for fans of George RR Martin and Bernard Cornwell alike.

Following on from the success of Son of the Morning, which saw him compared to both Bernard Cornwell for the flair of his historical writing and to George RR Martin for his gripping plotting, Mark Alder takes his history of the 100 years war into France as the war between Heaven and Hell swallows up the ambitions of both the French and English crowns.

As the armies mass around Crecy the rivalries between Lucifer, Satan and God become ever deeper and more violent. Combining a cast of larger than life (yet real) characters and a truthful, deeply researched take on the religious beliefs of the time Mark Alder is embarked on a truly unique historical fantasy that will ensure you never see the 100 Years War and the history of medieval Europe in the same way again.


‘A brilliantly rendered tale of supernatural skulduggery with swords and codpieces, plots and plagues. It is delivered with humour, gut-churning detail and the narrative drive of a charging knight’ Daily Mail

‘Rather incredibly keeping his readers as educated as they are entertained’ The Book Bag

‘A triumphant combination of great characters and an epic – yet not too sprawling – plot . . . a vivid and realistic story that, once you’re in, you’ll find it hard to leave’ Fantasy Faction on Son of the Morning


Son of the Night is out now in Trade Paperback and eBook!


The Switch – Justina Robson

This groundbreaking new novel from one of the genre’s most respected authors is a thrilling mix of science, magic and politics.

In Harmony, only model citizens are welcome.

A perfect society must be maintained. The defective must be eradicated. For orphans like Nico and Twostar, this means a life that’s brutal, regulated and short.

But Nico and Twostar are survivors, and when they’re offered a way out of the slums, they take it.

Unfortunately, no one told Nico the deal included being sentenced to death for the murder of one of Harmony’s most notorious gang leaders.

Or that to gain his freedom, first he must lose his mind.



‘Socially conscious SF with a blistering thriller plot’ SciFiNow

‘as bloody minded about entertainment as it is about deep thoughts, and it’s all done with Robson’s characteristic verve. The plot is a zippy confection of double crosses and action scenes, and the dialogue is beautifully snappy’ SFX

‘An intriguing tale of war, internecine politics and ancient technologies’ Financial Times on Glorious Angels


Get your copy of The Switch now in Mass Market Paperback!