10 reasons why Community is better than The Big Bang Theory

We just can’t let it go! The great Big Bang Theory debate rolls on. This week’s What We’re Watching Wednesday is conclusive* evidence that Community is better than The Big Bang Theory. 

1.       The lack of studio audience laughter

We know that Charlie has waxed lyrical about this already, but it cannot be reiterated enough times: we are adults. We will laugh if it’s funny. We do not need prompting. You sound ridiculous.

2.       Chevy Chase

Er, hello? Have you seen the Three Amigos? Or Christmas Vacation (topical)? Alright, alright, so maybe he is leaving, but I think we need to take a moment to appreciate the wonder that is Pierce Hawthorne. He’s streets ahead of any of the Big Bang characters (and if you have to ask, you’re streets behind).

3.       Abed: 1, Sheldon: 0

As already pointed out by Charlie, Abed and Sheldon both suffer from the similar conditions which make socialising difficult to the point of frustrating. In Sheldon’s case, he is a dickhead, yet he inexplicably has friends who he is nothing but unkind to. In Abed’s case, he is a some-time insensitive but always loveable cast member who makes up for his social misgivings by being… well, not a dickhead. Abed, we salute you.

4.       Kudos

Say you like Community on your Twitter/Facebook/online dating profile/to someone’s face (what? Does that happen anymore?) and all of the above’s recipients will be mentally high-fiving you in the face. You will earn deserved respect. Say you like The Big Bang Theory and you will be unfollowed/deleted/alone forever/punched in the face. No one cares. It’s not worth saying because it’s the equivalent of saying ‘I’m a massive bore. LOLZ.’ Community is the Jean Paul Gualtier edition of Diet Coke. The Big Bang Theory is, at best, Sainsbury’s own brand cola.

5.       It’s not racist

Big Bang has one token guy of ethnic minority. The guy of ethnic minority hams up his accent and is constantly stereotyped because of his race.  Of course, other shows use these stereotypes, but just because it happens it doesn’t make it okay. Or funny, for that matter.

6.       It’s not sexist

There’s one main girl in The Big Bang Theory. She is blonde and hot and says stupid things. Community has a crew of main characters, with more than one girl and more than one non-white person. WOW! Big, sensitive issues like gender and race and all that stuff are handled with comedy – not ignored. All the characters have a different religion, which is often joked about but never trivialised. The characters have a depth and personality that extends beyond the colour of their skin or the nature of their junk.

 7.       Pop culture references

Paintballing (twice). Glee. Dungeons & Dragons. Pulp Fiction. Community constantly pay homage to pop culture cleverly. There’s actual – *gasp*- writing involved. The Big Bang Theory uses references to things in pop culture as punch lines. Nothin’ but laziness there.

8.       Geeks celebrated, not stereotyped

I would like to be friends with everyone in Community (except maybe Pierce). They’re all outsiders, and few of them are ‘normal’ in the way that The Big Bang Theory would like us to think of it (See: Penny). I would not like to be friends with anyone in The Big Bang Theory, for fear that they would steal my pocket protector, guffaw-snort laugh and then fall over their untied shoe laces before crying to their mum, whilst wearing some Spock ears. Because isn’t that what every geek does?

 9.       The bromance between Abed and Troy

There is no way this relationship cannot thaw even the coldest of hearts. In contrast, Sheldon and Leonard have a relationship of dependency based on need rather than love. They need each other. Abed and Troy – now that’s true love, and we’re all about the love here.

 10.   You don’t have to listen to the Barenaked Ladies every time you watch it

Worst. Theme song. Ever.


*alright, not ‘conclusive’.


Special thanks to Sarah Kramer, who not only introduced me to Community and made my life infinitely better, but also pointed out that The Big Bang Theory is sexist and racist and she is not down with that, and may or may not have had one of her emails slightly plagerised here.