A Christmas Gift Guide from Gollancz

Ho ho ho! The Gollancz elves have been busy making awesome books all year, and here they are to share with you some gift ideas for Christmas, for those of you who have left their shopping until the last moment, or feel like it’s time to treat yourself…


the quntam thiefTHE QUANTUM THIEF by Hannu Rajaniemi

The first Gollancz book I read after joining three years ago, this is a stunning debut that grips from the very first line: “As always, before the warmind and I shoot each other, I try to make small talk.” Skill, lyricism, action, invention . . . if ever anyone tells you science fiction has lost its edge and doesn’t do anything new anymore, give them this book.

HELLICONIA (SF Masterworks) by Brian W. Aldiss

Frankly, this author’s name on a cover should be enough to move any book to the top of your to-be-read pile, but Helliconia is sheer brilliance even for Aldiss. Can you imagine a world whose year is so long that entire civilisations rise and fall within its seasons? Well, you don’t have to, because Brian Aldiss has done it for you. This is a staggering achievement – 1,300 pages of some of the finest planetary SF ever written.


I know we’ve talked about these books a lot in the last few weeks, but I really can’t recommend our DISCWORLD COLLECTOR’S LIBRARY enough. They’ve been beautifully produced – £10 for a hardback with foil stamping and a bookmark is pretty good going, believe me – and it’s been wonderful to rediscover exactly why Sir Terry became such an important part of, first fantasy, and British, fiction. From the sheer brilliance of MORT to the forthcoming Shakespearean antics of WYRD SISTERS, as well as the finding-his-feet-on-the-Discworld experimentation of the first two books, this collection of 21 titles (plus GOOD OMENS) is going to look amazing on anyone’s shelf


BLUE REMEMBERED EARTH by Alistair Reynolds

Red country

This is the first of a trilogy by the marvellous Alastair Reynolds, this is visionary near-future science fiction which springs to life with an unexpected inheritance, a conspiracy and some world-changing science. A great stand-alone story, it’s also the beginning of an astonishing journey for mankind.

RED COUNTRY by Joe Abercrombie

A brilliant standalone fantasy western. This is a hardboiled and punchy story that never lets up, strong characters powering betrayals, deals, double-deals, bar fights, thefts and more. With the right balance of cynicism and humour, this might be a perfect antidote to Christmas if you’re in need of a bit of a humbug.


THE FALCONER by Elizabeth May

With the Winter Solastice just around the corner I can’t think of a better book then  The Falconer. Wicked faeries, a fierce heroine determined to avenge her mother’s death and a smoldering dark hero. Set in the dark days leading up to the Winter Solstice (and the probable faery Armageddon) this is the perfect Christmas read for fans of Dark Fantasy, YA crossover and butt-kicking heroines.