Friday Reads: Charm

CharmIt’s the True [Sexy] Story of Cinderella

I always adored fairy tales when I was little. They’re among the first stories we ever read or have read to us, they’re formative in the way we understand our world and there’s something timeless and enduring about them. Everyone knows the tale of Cinderella. Whether it’s Disney’s animated singing mice:


or Enchanted’s happy housework:



The story is so well known it becomes almost invisible . . . so it’s rather wonderful when an author picks up the bare bones of the tale and puts them together in a way that’s both entirely surprising and yet feels absolutely right.

And that’s the magic of Charm.

Everything is here: the handsome prince, the magic slippers, the transformation from household drudge to beautiful princess. There’s a side-kick mouse, two ugly sisters and a wicked step-mother. But this is a fairy tale like no other – and it asks all the right questions of the character’s we think we know so well. Why on earth does the fairy godmother appear out of the blue to make Cinderella’s dreams come true? Why does Cinderella fall so deeply in love with a man she’s never met? And why can the Handsome Prince only recognise the woman he loves by her shoes?

But perhaps what’s really important is that Charm is an utterly brilliant read. It will put a smile on your face in moments with its sharp, witty, sexy and above all fun take on the Cinderella story. There will be lines you can’t help read aloud to someone else – and perhaps sections that make you blush a little bit too. There are connections to Poison Sarah Pinborough’s take on Snow White) that make the story just a little bit deeper and more intriguing (just wait!), there are some brilliant twists and there’s even a perfect love to root for.

It’s the perfect way to spend a summer evening. Sit in the sunshine with a glass of wine, and add a little magic with Charm. You’ll love it. I certainly did.

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Charm is out on 18th July 2013 where all good books are sold.