Dr. Easy and The Red Men

Last Friday, Film4 and Warp Films released DR. EASY, a short film directed by Shynola, online for free. Based on the first chapter of Matthew De Abaitua’s novel THE RED MEN, the film is, I think, worth ten minutes of your time. It stars Tom Hollander and the voice of Geraldine James, and looks great.

Dr. Easy from Shynola on Vimeo.


Shynola – best known for directing music videos for Radiohead, Blur and many more – have been working on getting a full adaptation of THE RED MEN off the ground for a few years now. This is the first step in their campaign towards a full film.

Gollancz is delighted to have released THE RED MEN as an eBook for the first time, with a striking new cover.

red men

THE RED MEN received great reviews when it as first released, including this from Will Self: ‘Sumptuously written, with prose that glitters with a dark lustre like a Damien Hirst fly collage. Intricately plotted, and a satirical point as sharp and accurate as the scalpel of a brain surgeon: De Abaitua operates on the smiling face of the present to reveal the grimacing skull of the future’. THE RED MEN was also shortlisted for the Arthur C. Clarke award.

There’s also a load of ‘in fiction’ material based on the short here which is well worth a look.

We don’t know when the full film will move ahead, but for now, please enjoy DR. EASY, and check out Matthew’s terrifying and prescient book.