The Log Book of the Ketty Jay: 2

retribution fallsWelcome to Day 2 of our special guest post series featuring a look inside the Logbook of the Ketty Jay. Ever wanted to know what happened to the crew of the Ketty Jay before Retribution Falls? We’ve might just have that answer for you . . . Visit our blog over the next two weeks to uncover the secrets of the logbook of the Ketty Jay. 


The Log Book of the Ketty Jay: 2


Transcriber’s note: What follows is the second entry from the Logbook Of The Ketty Jay. The affairs this ruffian became embroiled in have been luridly recounted by various pulp biographers, but I direct your attention to the only official and unbiased account of the tale, written by this humble scribe, which bears a title as honest and straightforward as the words within: Retribution Falls (, available now in bookshops all over Vardia.


Queensday Firstweek, Swallow’s Reap, 147/32

Killing time ’till our date with the freighter. Crew are restless, as ever. The passenger is showing signs of thawing out. Malvery’s decided to start dragging him out with us whenever he can. The Doc doesn’t talk like it, but he used to live the high life once upon a time. He doesn’t have a problem with Crake’s accent like Pinn does. Me, I’m easy. He seems like an alright feller once you unjam that cane from his arse.

The golem is well-behaved, at least, although I do sometimes hear her charging around in the hold. I think Crake’s playing ball with her. She doesn’t seem violent, but I wouldn’t want to get in her way while she’s barrelling around. It’s all a bit weird, but every time I think of kicking them off, I take out my cutlass and swoosh it around and everything’s better. Pity I wasn’t carrying it when I got spiked; I think I could have carved up the room blind drunk with this little wonder in my hands. It just seems to know what I want it to do.

I asked Crake if he could make any more stuff like that. He said no and went a bit funny. Mumbling about equipment this and sanctums that, but I could tell what was really bothering him. He’s frightened of the idea. Seems a shame to know how to craft miracles and then not do it, but it’s not my business, I suppose. Pity. I was going to ask him for a pistol that never missed, or something. Still, I’ll set Malvery to pestering him, see what comes of it.

Not long till the freighter. Half the crew think the information’s probably bad. The other half agree with the first half. But we’ve got sod all else to do, so we might as well check it AceofSkulls2out.

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