Cover Reveal: Occupy Me

It’s a particular thrill for us to be able to reveal the cover for Tricia Sullivan’s new SF novel, Occupy Me.

Tricia is, flat out, one of the most exciting and talented SF authors writing today. An award-winner, an author whose fiction combines a fierce intelligence and a profoundly human and empathetic level of characterisation. Occupy Me marks a triumphant return to SF, the genre where Tricia made her name. In some ways it’s difficult to catagorize (that dangerous game we tend to play when trying to explain an SF novel) but in others it’s marvellously straightforward: this is a high-action, thrill a minute chase story. But it stars a character, Pearl, who is trying not just to chase down a prize but discover who she is. Actually, what she is. And that’s the cleverness of Tricia Sullivan as a writer – she takes something conventional (a plot, a genre) and makes it something new and exciting. And keeps you entertained all the way.

So we wanted a startling and iconic cover; not something that was set in a genre; something clean; something that felt like a thriller but which alluded to something a little bit different. Something that alluded to wings. Did we mention that Pearl has wings? They exist in another dimension and manifest when Pearl is stressed or in peril. As we mentioned, Pearl is facing a pressing question – just what *is* she?

Finding out means reading her story. And what a beautifully written, wonderfully crafted and thrilling story it is.


Occupy Me will be published in trade paperback and eBook on the 21st January 2016.

You can find out more about Tricia Sullivan by visiting her website.

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