This Week Through the Gateway

Welcome to your weekly round-up of what’s been happening over at the SF Gateway, our sister site devoted to classic science fiction.

This week’s spotlights are . . .

Author of the Week: the architect of Darkover, and author of the bestselling The Mists of Avalon, Marion Zimmer Bradley

New Book of the Week: out of print for way too long, it’s the first volume in Michael Scott Rohan‘s epic The Winter of the World series, The Anvil of Ice

SF Masterwork of the Week is the Hugo and Nebula-winning Doomsday Book by serial award-collector Connie Willis

And this week’s Editors’ Choice is Paul McAuley‘s brilliant parallel-world-hopping conspiracy thriller Cowboy Angels


Meanwhile, over at the blog . . .

On Monday, we waxed lyrical on Editors’ Choice Cowboy Angels.

On Tuesday it was the turn of our SF Masterwork of the Week, Doomsday Book, to get some Gateway love.

Wednesday was all about the future – two days in the future, actually, as we looked forward to the publication of six Gateway eBook. ‘Boxed Sets’.

The blog took a contemplative turn on Thursday as we remembered a beloved author and friend, Robert Holdstock, who passed away three years ago.

And finally, on Friday, we unveiled the imminence of the SF Gateway Holiday Sale!


Not bad for a week’s work, we’re sure you’ll agree. Until next time . . .


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