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Stan Nicholls

Stan Nicholls has been a reviewer and interviewer in the UK for more than 20 years and is a key figure on the genre scene. He writes a regular column for TIME OUT and contributes to both INTERZONE and STARBURST. As well as the original Orcs trilogy, his Quicksilver fantasy trilogy has also been an international sensation.

The David Gemmell Awards 2012

Last Friday evening the Science Fiction and Fantasy community assembled in the Magic Circle Headquarters, in magnificent attire, for the fourth David Gemmell Legend Award.

The venue promised a magical evening, and magical it was.

Publishers, authors and bloggers galore had gathered to celebrate fantasy literature and commemorate David Gemmell’s enduring contribution to the genre and, fortified with champagne, we did. The award ceremony kicked off with a reading from Waylander by Anne Nicholls and then smoothly moved on to a spirited … More

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The Gemmell Awards 2012

Today we’re thrilled to have another guest blogger on the blog. Following the delightful Pornokitsch joining us to talk about the ethos behind their award, today we have Stan Nicholls, Chairman of the David Gemmell Legend Awards, with a little bit about how the award came about, and what it’s designed to do. And watch this space! The David Gemmell Legend Award Shortlists are announced on Sunday!

When David Gemmell died on 28th July 2006, aged … More

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Everything Unscrews

It’s obvious, isn’t it? Literature reflects events in the real world, and is influenced by them. Except for science fiction and fantasy, which have nothing to tell us about the human condition or the state of our culture.

That’s the judgement of people who never read the stuff; the supercilious commentators, and the self-appointed arbiters of the dying Fourth Estate. Whereas those who do read and write in these genres know they are among the best interpreters, and always have been. … More

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Joe Abercrombie reports on a night at the David Gemmell 2010 Legend Award

I failed to win the David Gemmell Legend Award the other night, which went to Graham McNeill for Empire. Curses. But on the upside, Best Served Cold did win for cover art, so congratulations to the artists Didier Graffet and Dave Senior and the designer Laura Brett. Talented people, and much deserved. The one criticism you could make of their covers for that book is that they are too far apart. A ha ha.

The award-winning … More

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A Brave New Dawn for Book Classification

Simon Appleby and Mathew F. Riley, founders of book review site Bookgeeks.co.uk, christen our shiny new blog with their drastic new suggestions for organising your SF&F bookshelves. Will it catch on?

Publishers of what the trade likes to call SF&F, along with Horror, have long been used to their beloved books being grouped together in bookshops regardless of their contents, with many bookshops simply seeing them as ‘that section over there with many black spines for … More

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