It’s Saturday, It’s Eastercon

The Gollancz Gang is gathered for another great day at EightSquared. Yesterday was packed with book launches, readings, deep discussions about characteriastion and plenty of fun – and some of you lovely people even said hello to us! Thank you! We even found a moment to stop by the Good Technology panel, and discover Underground London! Today we’re planning more marvelous mayhem in panels, so here’s your quick daily guide to where we’ll all be, and when:


11.00     Sensory Overload.

Why stop at five senses? There are many other senses in the natural world, more available through technology, and even more in SF and Fantasy. Our panel explore. With Simon Ings, Dr Bob, Roz Kaveney, Paul McAuley, and Walter Jon Williams. Have your say, in the Main room.


12.00     Non-Western SF and Fantasy.

 Anglophone writers and books by westerners still dominate the bookshelves, but Japan, China and India (to take three examples) also have thriving SFF traditions. The panel look at the trends outside the Anglophone and western worlds. Rochita Loenen-Ruiz moderates Aliette de Bodard, Stephane Marsan, Sarah Newton and Gillian Redfearn. Get involved, in the Main room.


12.00     Alexander Bogdanov.

A talk about the true founder of modern SF, from author Simon Ings who says: ‘Alexander Bogdanov, science fiction pioneer, philosopher, physician, Lenin’s friend and rival, explored the idea of automating society. The West calls this cybernetics and it fuels consumer culture. But in the Soviet Union, Bogdanov’s philosophy was discredited and suppressed. With pictures, video, short readings, and no small amount of hand-waving, I’ll explain why Bogdanov, not Wells, is the true founder of modern SF’. Come along and learn something, in the Rowan room.


13.00     The Far Future.

Let’s not waste time: we should get on with solving the problems facing us in five or ten billion years’ time (crashing galaxies, red giant Sun, possible gamma bursts . . .). If we make it that far, what will our civilisation have grown into? Will we be ready when the stars go out? Our panel look to the future. Fran Dowd moderates Stephen Baxter, Stephanie Saulter, Ian Watson and Walter Jon Williams. Join in, in the Main room.


17.00     Advice for Writers: How and Why

A discussion combining practical experience and professional observations on shaping and narrating your story and plot. Our own Marcus Gipps moderates Nina Allan, Tony Ballantyne, Gary Gibson and Sharon Reamer. Share your thoughts, in the Boardroom.


19.00     Genre Get-Together: Science Fiction.

Your chance to get-together with authors and get your stuff signed! Gollancz authors (including Christopher Priest, Paul McAuley, Simon Ings, Jaine Fenn, and Stephen Baxter) will sign almost anything in exchange for a drink, or even if you just ask nicely.


20.00 The Mirror Mirror Ball, featuring Witching Hour.

What’s so special about the Mirror Ball? First, there will be live music from goth duo Witching Hour. Second, this is a Mirror Mirror Ball – come as your counterpart from a parallel dimension! With an interval disco courtesy of Jaine Fenn (or possibly her mirror universe double). Get involved, in the Main room.


21.00     Five Years: The End of the World Panel.

Recent apocalypses have been a disappointment, but what would happen if there was a guaranteed, proven end-of-the-world coming

in five years. What would happen to society? Nigel Furlong, Chris Beckett, Janet Edwards, Paul McAuley and Philip Palmer discuss the consequences. Have your say, in the Rowan room.


It’s going to be busy but we’d love to see you! Please stop one of the Gollancz gang and say hi!