Savage City

Savage City

An explosion rips through the Colosseum, and as the smoke clears the world is changed forever. A new Emperor, spurred on by a riddling prophecy and armed with a devastating superweapon, stands ready to make his mark on history. Una, Sulien, and a desperate alliance of slaves, refugees and criminals, must resist the full power of the Roman Empire at its most ruthless, or lose everything they have fought for.
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On Sale: 19th May 2011

Price: £10.99

ISBN-13: 9780575094895


Compulsively readable . . . grips like a vice
Epic in undertaking, Romanitas creates a fascinating world that is both contemporary in tone, and yet about as far removed from the world we live in as it is possible to imagine. McDougall's writing style is fresh and light, and the involving story ensures you'll gobble up the 400 pages in no time, staying eager to find out how the remainder of the trilogy unfolds
This is a magnificent series
Adrian Tchaikovsky
Perfectly fuses the hope and horror of ancient Rome with that of the modern world
Daniel Godfrey, author of New Pompeii
An enjoyable smart yarn with some real sense of human pain
Time Out
Wonderful alt history, beautiful, heart-breaking, sweeping, surprising
Lauren Beukes