The Twilight Reign

The Twilight Reign

The perfect introduction to one of the best contemporary fantasy authors, Tom Lloyd

In a land ruled by prophecy and the whims of Gods, a young man finds himself at the heart of a war he barely understands, wielding powers he may never be able to control.

Isak is a white-eye, born bigger, more charismatic and more powerful than normal men … but with that power comes an unpredictable temper and an inner rage. Feared and despised by those around him, he dreams of a place in the army and a change to live his own life, but the Gods have other plans for the intemperate teenager. Over five books we follow Isak’s life and the fallout from the choices he has been forced to make – choices that may well lead to his death.

This sampler contains almost the first half of STORMCALLER, the first book in the sequence, as well as three related short stories and a lengthy extract from Tom Lloyd’s new series, MOON’S ARTIFICE.
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On Sale: 31st July 2014

ISBN-13: 9781473208858