Friday Reads: Gallow (with competition!)

GALLOWAs you may know, we’ve recently published GALLOW: THE CRIMSON SHIELD in paperback original, the first of three fast-paced historical fantasies by Nathan Hawke. The second book, COLD REDEMPTION is out in a few weeks, and the last – for now – is out in September.

The covers are kinetic and striking – we’ve tried something different, and there’s no text on the front. We hope they’ll stand out on the bookshelves! If you see one in the wild, please do tweet a photo to @gollancz

We’re very excited by the series, and hope you will be as well. But we know how much of an investment it can be to start on a new series, a new author. That’s partly why all three books are being published in quick succession – no fear of having to wait for the concluding chapter! But we also thought it would be useful to share a few of the quotes we’ve had so far, from both fantasy and historical authors, as well as bloggers and reviewers.

The Crimson Shield is a fast-paced and full of bloody battles.’ SFX

“Shades of David Gemmell… It’s about time someone good took up the torch for heroic fantasy. Inspiring characters, great plot and culture. I read this in one session, utterly absorbed” CONN IGGULDEN, bestselling author of the EMPEROR and CONQUEROR series of historical novels, and THE DANGEROUS BOOK FOR BOYS

“A great mix of bloodied axes and brave warriors, an honest hero and the war that gets in his way” TOM LLOYD, author of the TWILIGHT REIGN series and the forthcoming MOON’S ARTIFICE

THE CRIMSON SHIELD is at once a huge adrenaline rush and a thoughtful examination of the destructive nature of war. The key protagonist, Gallow, is a cleverly constructed hero, full of conflict, confusion and bravery, a man who is unsure where his loyalties truly lie. A man driven by his upbringing and his love for his wife and family – factors that make very uncomfortable bedfellows. Mind you, he’s handy in a fight, very handy. Hawke has created a world with enough history, myth and folklore to make it believable. His prose is fluid, his dialogue crisp and his action very well-handled and visceral. It is not a long read and all the better for it. Entertaining, sometimes moving and always eminently readable. Highly recommended.” JAMES BARCLAY, author of the RAVEN and ELVES series of fantasy epics

“Reminds me of the tales that made me want to write novels in the first place” GILES KRISTIAN, bestselling author of the RAVEN historical books

“The simple fact the book has me guessing and speculating rather than ploughing into the next read is again testament to its quality of plot and story telling. I really do recommend this book, to fantasy or Historical Fiction fans.” ROBIN CARTER, Parmenion Books

“Bloody and interesting” Edi’s Book Lighthouse

Hopefully those will whet your interest! And if so, you’ll be pleased to know you have a chance to win a signed edition of THE CRIMSON SHIELD. We have five copies to give away – to be in with a chance of winning, just email with the subject header ‘SIGNED GALLOW’ and your postal details by midnight on Wednesday 31st July 2013. (Terms and conditions apply)