Moon Over Soho – extract and audio clip

moon over sohoMoon Over Soho is the second outing for Peter Grant and this time Ben shifts the focus for his wonderful series of supernatural London investigations to London’s much loved and notorious Soho.

But this is the Soho of jazz bars and coffee shops, the Soho that lives on besides the fading tawdriness of the area’s sex shops and clubs. London is always changing and Soho is no different. Even the jazz clubs there are trading on history. And for PC Grant it’s a history that has a personal edge; Peter’s dad used to play trumpet in these clubs. So when something vicious starts hunting down Soho’s jazz men Peter has a special interest.

So, be our guest, and dive in to the opening pages of Moon Over Soho and discover the bits of London that are magically real…

You can read an extract of the first chapter here, or listen to an audio clip of the opening over on Soundcloud.