Happy Halloween from Christmasland

It’s Halloween, which means it’s officially long past time to start getting ready for Christmas. Don’t believe me, the Christmas lights are already lit here in Covent Garden, just outside Gollancz Towers. If this doesn’t fill you with horror (and believe me it terrifies me!) and a little bit of dread then we’ve got the perfect book for you.

The brilliant Sunday Times Bestseller NOS4R2 is out in trade paperback with a very festive holiday package!

Nos4r2 christmas

As you may recall, NOS4R2 features the exceptionally creepy Christmasland where serial killer Charlie Manx takes his victims to live in a world where everyday is Christmas Day. Part roadtrip and full time horror, NOS4R2 will keep you up late into the night furiously turning the pages.

Don’t believe me? You can watch Joe Hill reading from the prologue here:

We will also be telling you a lot more about this book in the proper countdown to Christmas. The one that begins in December. Until then, we advise you to read NOS4R2 with the lights on!

To celebrate this most creepy of editions, and Halloween, Gollancz are giving away a copy each to five lucky winners. To enter the draw, simply fill out this form. Good luck!

The holiday edition of NOS4R2 is out now where all good books are sold.

Want to hear what the Gollancz Geeks thought of NOS4R2? You can read Andy James’ review here  and check back on Friday for another review from Team Gollancz Geeks!