Battlefield 4: Countdown to War

battlefieldChristmas season is coming and our minds are churning with the possibilities of what to buy for our friends and family and, more importantly, what’s awaiting us under the tree. Well, whether you’re thinking of yourself or thinking of others, Father Gollancz has it all covered because how better a way to deal with the stress of family than blowing away strangers on epic shooter Battlefield 4?

The crazy kids over on our sister imprint Orion Fiction have been working hard on the tie-in thriller to the game, Battlefield 4: Countdown to War by Peter Grimsdale. Check out the blurb:

It’s dark. It’s twenty below freezing. And CIA operative Lazlo Kovic is on the North Korea border leading a joint US-Chinese mission that is going straight to hell. The US team are massacred and the Chinese guides flee. Kovic is the only survivor.

On his return to base in Shanghai, his superiors in the CIA are suspicious of his miraculous return. But Kovic is looking for payback. He lost a lot of friends on that mission. So he puts together a crack team from the Chinese underworld – a hacker, an expert thief and a former-Olympic sniper – and begins to unravel a conspiracy that reaches up to the highest levels of government, both Chinese and American.

Here he discovers a deadly plot, one that will plunge the world into war . . .

Battlefield 4: Countdown to War is the official prequel to the game’s story, laying the groundwork and finishing where the in-game story begins and makes a great stocking-filler.

But how does it save Christmas you ask? Well, not only do we have copies of the book to give away but we’re also giving away copies of the game, courtesy of EA, an official top-of-the-line Battlefield 4 controller from PDP and an amazing set of console goodies from Razer, making a brilliant Battlefield 4 pack. How’s that for a slice of fried gold? Head here to enter!

Battlefield 4: Countdown to War is out in ebook on 24th October and is in paperback exclusively to Tesco. Battlefield 4 the game is out 1st November for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 (and is out for the rich and deserving for Xbox One and PS4 on 22nd and 29th November respectively).