Gollancz goes to the movies: Gravity review

The Gollancz team went to see Gravity and this is what they thought…



I’ve been looking forward to Gravity since I saw the very first trailer, and it didn’t disappoint.

If it’s not come to your attention as yet: Gravity is a gripping what-if story set in space. What if a shuttle was destroyed or badly damaged while the astronauts were mid-spacewalk?

It’s an absolutely astonishing film. I can only second everyone who has said ‘see it in 3D, on the very biggest screen you can get to’, because it’s visually extraordinary. The Earth looks jaw-droppingly beautiful; the many and varied space ships and stations are rendered in beautiful detail whether in moments of peace or of terror; the experience of being in space is captured in a way which seems realistic, terrifying, dangerous and awe-inspiring all at the same time.

No spoilers, but I think it’s fair to say that there are some stunning performances throughout the film. Sometimes calm, sometimes panicked, sometimes funny but always gripping, whether the character is on screen or is just a voice in the darkness. I think I held my breath through about a third of the film as a problem becomes a disaster, which becomes an impossible situation. But at the same time, throughout the setbacks and difficulties, this is a film which retains hope – and which retains a sense of awe about being in space.

Gravity is an action movie; it’s a character study; it’s an exceptional piece of filmmaking; it is beautiful and it is cathartic. There is nothing else quite like it: watch Gravity.