Halloween Reads: Supernatural Mysteries

This week, for Halloween, we’re recommending two fabulous mystery series with a supernatural twist to keep you curled up under a duvet reading until you’ve devoured the very last word!

The Harper Connelly Mysteries (Grave Sight, Grave Surprise, An Ice Cold Grave and Grave Secret) by Charlaine Harris are really the best of their kind out there! Ever since Harper Connelly was hit by lightning she’s been able to sense the dead. Not their spirits or their souls, in a way it’s worse; she’s able to locate their bodies. It’s not a gift – especially not when she’s asked to find missing children by their terrified, grieving parents – but it does lead to some haunting, compelling mysteries.

Perfect for fans of Sookie Stackhouse, this is a great set of supernatural stories for Halloween which won’t have you worried (too much!) about the things that go bump in the night . . .


For those of you who are looking for something altogether scarier this week, though, we recommend The Dog Faced Gods (A Matter of Blood, Shadow of the Soul and The Chosen Seed) by Sarah Pinborough, and according to Mike Marshall Smith it’s ‘A pitch-black thriller with a fierce emotional payload – gritty, authentic and compelling’. We’re inclined to agree! D. I. Cass Jones is on the trail of a terrifying serial killer when – in an apparently unconnected incident – his brother murders his wife, child and then himself. Is it unconnected . . . or is something horrific on the loose in London . . . ?

Perfect for readers who like their thrillers to come with a real chill, this spine-tingling tale will have you up all night!