Geeks Friday Read: N0S4R2

Nos4r2 christmasTo celebrate not only the horror-fest that is Halloween this week, but also the Christmas edition of N0S4R2 being published, we have chosen to share one of our brilliant Gollancz Geeks reviews with you for Joe Hill’s epic horror. This week’s Geek review comes from Jan, who has given us this great review of N0S4R2 to sink your Halloween teeth into. Enjoy!

Determined not to be put off by the sheer size of the book (I was wary of investing so much time in an author I had never read before), I started reading and literally did not want to put it down (surprising considering the weight of it!). My usual mantra of ‘I’ll just finish the chapter’ was easily ignored as the final sentence of a chapter actually flowed into the title of the next meaning I had to continue. The characters were so well-written, and believable, and so endearing in spite of their flaws (well, maybe with the exception of Charlie & Bing!) that I found myself wishing I could be bear-hugged by Lou & shedding a tear along with Vic.

Victoria McQueen is a really great heroine, the right side of bad to be truly interesting, and gutsy as hell! If it hadn’t been for Andy Murray winning Wimbledon (the match being the only time I actually put this book down) I’d have finished it much sooner – which, as  a slowish reader, really says something about how gripped I was.

I have already passed it on to the next willing victim…

The Christmas edition of N0S4R2 is available to buy now, where all good books are sold.