Happy Publication Day: 14th November 2019!

It’s publication day! And we have two superb books to choose from. Be it the end of a breathtaking series, or a brand-new book by a legend of the genre, we have you covered.


The Ankh-Morpork Archives: Volume One, Sir Terry Pratchett, Stephen Briggs & Paul Kidby

Think you know Ankh-Morpork? Think again.

In this top-secret guide, intrepid explorers will receive a first-hand experience of the real city.

If you’ve ever wondered where Unseen University students wet their whistles (while avoiding their teachers as they do the same), or pondered just what the Assassins’ Guild constitutes a proper means of inhumation – there are standards to be upheld – then this is the book for you.

That’s right, have yourself a glimpse of what actually goes on in the city’s societies. Cut the chaff, peek behind the curtain, see how the sausage gets made . . . err, you get the idea.

Just don’t let the Thieves’ Guild catch you with this. They won’t appreciate their methods being flogged behind their back. Flogging’s their job.

Completely revamped and redesigned, this full-colour book contains material from Discworld Diaries across the decades.

Praise for Sir Terry Pratchett:

‘Satirical, historical, fantastical and irresistible.’ Daily Mail

‘The best humorous English author since P.G. Wodehouse.’ Sunday Telegraph

‘What a legacy of wit and good cheer’ Ursula Le Guin

‘There was nobody like him. I was fortunate to have written a book with him. . . which taught me so much’ Neil Gaiman

The Ankh-Morpork Archives: Volume One is available to buy now in hardback. Get your copy here!


The Sky Weaver, Kristen Ciccarelli

Lavish, romantic and magical, The Sky Weaver is a new standalone story set in the world of The Last Namsara – one that fans of Leigh Bardugo, Holly Black and Laini Taylor will flock to

At the end of one world, there always lies another.

Safire, a soldier, knows her role in this world is to serve the King of Firgaard-helping to maintain the peace in her oft-troubled nation.

Eris, a deadly pirate, has no such conviction. Known as The Death Dancer for her ability to evade even the most determined of pursuers, she possesses a superhuman ability to move between worlds.

When one can roam from dimension to dimension, can one ever be home? Can love and loyalty truly exist?

Then Safire and Eris-sworn enemies-find themselves on a common mission: to find Asha, the last Namsara.

From the port city of Darmoor to the fabled faraway Sky Isles, their search and their stories become threaded ever more tightly together as they discover the uncertain fate, they’re hurtling towards may just be a shared one. In this world, and the next.

Praise for Kristen Ciccarelli:

‘The most simple thing I can say is this is the best book I have ever read, and Kristen Ciccarelli is now my favourite author. Her story and her words have so much beauty, and love, and passion, and adventure. By the end I gasped every 5-10 pages and got goose bumps every 10-20 pages. There are not many books I would say this for, but pre-order this now because your soul has been waiting for a story this beautiful.’ Tomi Adeyemi, author of Children of Blood and Bone

‘An  accomplished fantasy novel . . . raised above the commonplace by one marvellous central  premise – the idea that dragons are the custodians of the old tale, and  that their fire is actually generated by the telling of stories – a  premise that reads as an extended metaphor about imagination, stories  and their power to change the world. It’s the first of a series. I’ll definitely be looking out for the next one.’ Joanne Harris, author of Chocolat and The Gospel of Loki

‘It’s always refreshing to see a non-traditional fantasy setting. Add a kickass princess with something to prove, a dash of Arabian Nights story magic, plus dragons? Yes please!’ Elspeth Cooper, author of Songs of the Earth

‘The Last Namsara is easily one of my favourite fantasy books of this year . . . It’s fast-paced, action packed, filled with a diverse cast, dangerous legends and of course dragons! There’s political intrigue, a hidden rebellion and a consuming romance that will keep readers on the edge of their seat and reading long into the night. Fans of An Ember in the Ashes, Seven Realms and the Shattered Realms series with devour this.’     YAbookscentral.com

‘An intriguing tale of love, faith, dragons and the power words have’ Fantasy Book Review

The Sky Weaver is available to buy now in trade paperback, eBook and audio download. Get your copy here!