Test Your Knowledge in the #GollanczFest Connecting Wall Quiz

Many of you have probably seen the BBC puzzle programme Only Connect, and lost countless hours yelling out answers at the television screen. But if you’re anything like us you’ve probably also spent some time lamenting the fact that so few of the puzzles are . . . how do we put this? . . . SFF Geek-friendly. Well, lament no more!  Thanks to the excellent Puzzgrid site, we’ve been able to compile our own SF-centric grid for your solving pleasure!

Just to recap: sixteen clues are arranged at random in a 4-by-4 grid. Your first task is to identify four linked clues; when you do, the grid will arrange those clues in a line, you’ll then have twelve clues remaining and will need to identify another four linked clues. And so on. You get a point for each group correctly identified. Once all four sets of links are established, you can then score another point per group by explaining the connection. If you get everything correct you win two bonus points for a perfect score of 10.

For example, if the words ‘Mercury’, ‘Gemini’, ‘Apollo’ and ‘Soyuz’ appeared, you would click on each to identify the group (1 point!) and, in the second phase you would type in something like ‘manned space programmes’ (another point!).

It’s as simple as that. So, now you’re ready for our fiendish classic SF quiz . . . click here

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