It’s the end of the Con, and we loved it . . .

Goodbye, goodbye, parting is such sweet sorrow we’ll say goodbye ’til it be— but wait a moment! The convention isn’t over yet! Yesterday was filled with award announcements and acts of heroism, a bit of bookselling and we even had a moment to see the Sci-Fi London Sneak Preview! Today might be a little quieter, but it’s still got some gems. So here’s our final quick guide to where you’ll find the Great Gollancz Gang today:


11.00               When Science meets SF

How do you handle real science in great fiction? What are the limits; should story or science come first; and where does the line blur between real science and science fiction? What happens to the genre when real science catches up? All this and more, with the marvellous Jaine Fenn, Nik, Tricia Sullivan and moderator Caroline Mullan. Get stuck in, in Royal B&C.


13.00               Epic Legends of the Hierarchs

Our final panel of the convention – and luckily it’s a great one! Seeing us out with a bang, the dos-and-don’ts, how-to tips, challenges and pitfalls of writing a long series. Who better to discuss it than George R. R. Martin, Sophia McDougall,  Adrian Tchaikovsky, Patrick Nielsen Haydon and, as moderator, Nic Clarke. Check it out, in Royal B&C.


Stuck for something to do in between panels? Why not drop by the dealer’s room at any time between 10.00 and 14.00 today to say hi to the Gollancz Gang, have a natter and maybe even buy a book! Today you’re liable to bump into: Gillian Redfearn, or authors Jaine Fenn and Sophia McDougall.

. . .  and if you don’t catch us there, why not say hi at a panel – or even in the bar!