Gollancz Geeks: the ‘Here comes your free badge and T-shirt if you’ve sent us a review’ update!

We wanted to give you a little update about all things Geeks!

We’ve been up and running now for three months. We hope that many (if not all) of you have heard from either Hannah or myself (Jen) to let you know about some of our upcoming titles that we have for you to review. If not, don’t worry. I’m sending out another Geeks email tomorrow (so now is the time to sign up—especially if you like Horror novels!).

We’ve received so many reviews and have been spending our time figuring out the best way of showcasing them all here on our blog. You will be hearing from me or Hannah over the next two weeks to confirm if you are happy for us to run your review on our blog and asking things like t-shirt sizes, any blog links or Twitter names and credits you would like us to use for your review. If you haven’t heard from us over the next two weeks but have sent in a review do resend your review, just in case it’s gotten lost in a spam folder.

We want to feature your reviews as part of our Book of the Month section (which will be coming to the blog later this year) and as our Geeks Friday Reads. Every Friday in addition to running our Team Gollancz Friday Reads we’ll also be running a Geeks Friday Reads featuring your reviews. We will email you at the beginning of the week to let you know that your review will be running this week and then email you when your review has been set live (and Tweet those of you on Twitter).

We will have some more Geeks opportunities coming up a bit later this month, including a chance to tell us what you want to see on our Republic of Thieves badge!

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* A big thank you to our Marketing Intern, Becca, for modelling our Gollancz Geeks t-shirt, badges and bookmarks.