The Gemmell Awards 2013

Gollancz is delighted to congratulate the organisers of the David Gemmell Legend Award on another great ceremony. A strong reading, a feisty auction and a love of commercial fantasy were all on display at the opening evening of the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton.

Congratulations go to all the nominees, but especially to the winners in each category! Namely to:

Brent Weeks: The Blinding Knife

For winning the Legend Award for Best Novel.


John Gwynne: Malice
For winning the Morningstar Award for Best Debut Fantasy Novel.

And to:

Didier Graffet and Dave Senior, for Red Country by Joe Abercrombie

For winning the Ravenheart Award for best Cover Artwork.

And as always, many thanks again to the organisers for another successful year of the David Gemmell Legend Awards .