2014: The Continuing Series

In the last of our series of sneak peeks at Gollancz’s 2014 schedule, our focus turns to ongoing series. We’re thrilled as always to have so many authors and series returning, and the books below are all eagerly awaited by their fans. If you haven’t tried any of these series yet, you’re missing out!

Metro 2034

Metro 2033 – the novel on which the best-selling computer game was based – has been a sleeper hit for us, reaching more and more people each year. We’re thrilled to be publishing the sequel, another hard-hitting tale set in the ruins of the Moscow underground years after a nuclear war has made the surface almost unliveable.

Baptism of Fire 

Another European series which has been the basis for a series of hit computer games, this novel continues the tale of Geralt, the Witcher, and his rag-tag group of allies as they search for Ciri – Geralt’s ward and the key to a prophecy which might mean the end of civilisation. Following on from the events of The Time of Contempt, we learn more about Geralt’s past – and how short his future might be.

Shield of Winter

Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling series continues in epic fashion, as the Psy race find themselves prey to a virulent contagion that may mean the end of their species. But two people – Vasic, the Arrow, and the woman he has sworn to protect – think they might be able to find a cure. But they will have to fight for it…

Mirror Sight

The latest from Kristen Britain continues the adventures of Karigan, the legendary Green Rider. Awakening to find herself trapped in a sarcophagus, alive when she should be dead, Karigan must find a way to free herself from this living tomb. And if she does, will she find herself in the world she knows – or is she lost to her land forever?

The Splintered Gods

Steven Deas returns with another tale of fire-spewing dragons, invisible assassins and the Dragon Queen. Trapped in a world not her own, forced to ride her dragon for the benefit of her new masters, the Dragon Queen Zafir dreams of revenge. But even though she has control of the most powerful weapon imaginable, she knows how dangerous it would be to set it free.

The Eye of Winter’s Fury

Michael J. Ward has done something a little different again, and it is a masterpiece of non-linear storytelling. Following the adventures of The Legion of Shadow and The Heart of the Fire, this is a brand new story in which the reader makes the decisions and suffers the consequences. With different storylines to follow, adventures to explore and missions to undertake, this is a real RPG in novel form. Engaging from the first adventure, well written and inventive, this is perfect to draw reluctant readers, committed game players, and readers with +4 to their imagination alike. Are you ready? Adventure awaits!

Foxglove Summer

Peter Grant leaves London, and the star of Rivers of London will find that life outside the shining metropolis is just as bad as he feared. In a small village in Hertfordshire, children have been going missing – but the local police aren’t convinced that supernatural means are a possibility. Peter will have to convince them otherwise, as well as try to find a shop that stays open after 4pm…

Valkyries Song 

The latest of MD Lachlan’s Wolf books (which began with Wolfsangel) takes the story to Norman England, where once again the lives of the unknowingly immortal wolf and his equally unaware immortal love will find themselves grimly, inexorably, entwined with the fate of those around them. For the circle cannot be broken… yet.

Quantum Mythology

Gavin Smith takes us back on another helter-skelter violent ride through centuries and realities as we once again join Vic and Scab as they try to make their way through an impossibly advanced future still riven by the same old rivalries and weaknesses. Mixing the far and the recent past with the far future Gavin’s SF is dark but, with its cast of flawed cracking wise characters, huge fun. Fans of  The Age of Scorpio  will be buckled in for the ride already, new readers have a treat in store.