Exciting News From Gollancz

We are delighted that the brilliant Charlie Panayiotou (@charlie­_panayi) has been recognised for his exceptional organisation talents, and has been promoted to full time editorial management where he will continue to work closely with the Gollancz list. He has been amazing and tireless over the past six years, and will be fantastic in his new capacity.

Charlie’s new role begins on the 10th August.

From the 10th August we are very pleased to welcome Craig Leyenaar to the Gollancz team as our new Editorial Assistant. Joining us from Forbidden Planet, he has been a strong supporter of the genre for many years as well as active in the community. You can find him on twitter, or volunteering at the Nineworlds convention in early August.

Craig Pic

Craig has reached Gollancz via a circuitous route involving many countries, some rather strange jobs and several degrees. Along the way he was never far from a book, which usually involved swords, spaceships and quite a lot of magic. After moving back to the UK and completing an MA he moved to London where he has lived and breathed all things genre while working for Forbidden Planet, and is now happily bemused to be working for Gollancz and having a hand in putting more fantastic fiction on the shelves. You can follow him on Twitter: @_Lionwalker (and yes . . . he does regret his choice in Twitter handle)

Please join us in congratulating Charlie and Craig on their new roles!