Happy Publication Day: 4th April 2019!

A bonanza of titles are released today, ranging from gritty fantasy to sweeping space opera to mind-bending spy fiction with a twist. Whether it’s a series you’re after or a standalone, look no further! We have the book for you:

Ravencry, Ed Mcdonald

For Ryhalt Galharrow, working for Crowfoot as a Blackwing captain is about as bad as it gets – especially when his orders are garbled, or incoherent, or impossible to carry out.

The Deep Kings are hurling fire from the sky, a ghost in the light known only as the Bright Lady had begun to manifest in visions across the city, and the cult that worship her grasp for power while the city burns around them.

Galharrow may not be able to do much about the cult – or about strange orders from the Nameless – but when Crowfoot’s arcane vault is breached and an object of terrible power is stolen, he’s propelled into a race against time to recover it. Only to do that, he needs answers, and finding them means travelling into nightmare: to the very heart of the Misery.

Ravencry is the second book in the Raven’s Mark series, continuing the story that began with the award winning epic fantasy Blackwing.

Praise for Ed McDonald

‘Dark, twisty and excellent . . . Grimdark with heart’ Mark Lawrence

‘Vivid characters, visceral combat and a twist of an ending that I really should have seen coming and didn’t (wizards are bastards and here’s the proof). Brilliant use of magic as technology, too, like lightbulbs and water heaters. Excellent gender representation . . . Suffice to say, I bloody loved it and I am officially an Ed McDonald fan. He deserves to go far’ Elspeth Cooper

‘Ravencry is the perfect sequel and a book every fantasy author would aspire to write’ Book Nest

Ravencry is out today in mass market paperback, eBook and audio download. Get your copy here!


Summerland, Hannu Rajaniemi

An awe-inspiring account of the afterlife and what happens when it spills over into the world of the living. The new novel from the most exciting new voice in the genre since Neal Stephenson.

Loss is a thing of the past. Murder is obsolete. Death is just the beginning. 

In 1938, death is no longer feared but exploited. Since the discovery of the afterlife, the British Empire has extended its reach into Summerland, a metropolis for the recently deceased.

Yet Britain isn’t the only contender for power in this life and the next. The Soviets have spies in Summerland, and the technology to build their own god.

When SIS agent Rachel White gets a lead on one of the Soviet moles, blowing the whistle puts her hard-earned career at risk. The spy has friends in high places, and she will have to go rogue to bring him in.

But how do you catch a man who’s already dead?

Praise for Summerland:

‘Calls to mind John Le Carre . . . clever, subtle and . . . has a rich emotional centre’ SFX

‘A jaw-dropping, knowing, hyperintelligent yarn’ Locus

‘I burned through it in two days. Great book: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spook’ Ian McDonald

Summerland is out today in mass market paperback, eBook and audio download. Get your copy here!


The Best of R.A. Lafferty, R.A. Lafferty

Edited and collated by Jonathan Strahan, with a volume introduction by Neil Gaiman, The Best of R.A. Lafferty is the authoritative collection of short fiction by R.A. Lafferty.

Acclaimed as one of the most original voices in modern literature, Raphael Aloysius Lafferty has been awarded and nominated for a multitude of accolades over the span of his career, including the World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Achievement.

This collection contains 22 unique tall tales, including:

Hugo Award-winning

‘Eurema’s Dam’ – introduced by Robert Silverberg

Hugo Award-nominated

‘Continued on the Next Rock’ – introduced by Nancy Kress

‘Sky’ – introduced by Gwenda Bond

Nebula Award-nominated

‘In Our Block’ – introduced by Neil Gaiman

And more stories introduced by other modern masters of SF who acknowledge

R.A. Lafferty as a major influence and force in the field.

Praise for R.A. Lafferty:

‘There’s nothing close to Lafferty – nobody with the gravitas about things that were light, and the antigravitas about important heavy things’ Neil Gaiman

‘The most important science fiction writer you’ve never heard of’ Guardian

‘Lafferty has the power which sets fire behind your eyeballs’ Roger Zelazny

The Best of R.A. Lafferty is out today in mass market paperback and eBook. Get your copy here!


The War Within, Stephen Donaldson

Stephen Donaldson, the bestselling author of The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, continues his Great God’s War fantasy epic as two kingdoms – united by force – prepare to be challenged by a merciless enemy . . .

It has been twenty years since Prince Bifalt of Belleger discovered the Last Repository and the sorcerous knowledge hidden there. At the behest of the repository’s magisters, and in return for the restoration of sorcery to both kingdoms, the realms of Belleger and Amika ceased generations of war. Their alliance was sealed with the marriage of Bifalt to Estie, the crown princess of Amika. But the peace – and their marriage – has been uneasy.

Now the terrible war that King Bifalt and Queen Estie feared is coming. An ancient enemy has discovered the location of the Last Repository, and a mighty horde of dark forces is massing to attack the library and take the magical knowledge it guards. That horde will slaughter every man, woman, and child in its path, destroying both Belleger and Amika along the way.

With their alliance undermined by lingering hostility and conspiracies threatening, it will take all of the monarchs’ strength and will to inspire their people into defiance . . .

Praise for Stephen Donaldson:

‘Told with masterful vigour’ SFX on Seventh Decimate

‘Comparable to Tolkien at his best’ Washington Post

‘Remarkable scope and sophistication’ Los Angeles Times

The War Within is out today in hardback, eBook and audio download. Get your copy here!


Xeelee: Redemption, Stephen Baxter

One of the world’s bestselling science fiction authors returns to the series which made his name. The Xeelee are back for the last time . . .

Michael Poole finds himself in a very strange landscape . . .

This is the centre of the Galaxy. And in a history without war with the humans, the Xeelee have had time to built an immense structure here. The Xeelee Belt has a radius ten thousand times Earth’s orbital distance. It is a light year in circumference. If it was set in the solar system it would be out in the Oort Cloud, among the comets – but circling the sun. If it was at rest it would have a surface area equivalent to about thirty billion Earths. But it is not at rest: it rotates at near lightspeed. And because of relativistic effects, distances are compressed for inhabitants of the Belt, and time drastically slowed.

The purpose of the Belt is to preserve a community of Xeelee into the very far future, when they will be able to tap dark energy, a universe-spanning antigravity field, for their own purposes. But with time the Belt has attracted populations of lesser species, here for the immense surface area, the unending energy flows. Poole, Miriam and their party, having followed the Ghosts, must explore the artefact and survive encounters with its strange inhabitants – before Poole, at last, finds the Xeelee who led the destruction of Earth . . .

Praise for the Xeelee series:

‘A true epic, this series ranges across aeons and features one of the most enigmatic aliens ever conceived.’ Peter F. Hamilton, Shortlist Magazine

‘If you’re in search of some gripping science fiction utilising big concepts and backed by brilliant writing, look no further than Endurance. 10/10’ Starburst

‘A sense of grandeur few other SF novelists can even hope to match’ SFX

Xeelee: Redemption is out today in mass market paperback, eBook and audio download. Get your copy here!