Happy Publication Day: 2nd May 2019!

The Ember Blade, Chris Wooding

Empires rise, civilisations fall and one culture comes to subsume another.

It’s the way of the world . . . sometimes ways of life are improved, sometimes they are not. But the progression of change is huge and – usually – unstoppable.

In this story, the Ossian way of life is fading and the Dachen way is taking its place and Aren is comfortable with that. Even when his parents are accused of treason he supports the establishment and maintains there’s been some mistake . . . which is all it takes to get himself and his best friend arrested . . .

Thrown into a prison mine they plan their escape – only to be overtaken by events when they’re rescued, and promptly find themselves in the middle of an ambush. By the time they’ve escaped, they’re unavoidably linked to Garric – their unwelcome saviour – and his quest to overturn to Dachen way of life.

If they leave Garric now, they’ll be arrested or killed by their pursuers. If they turn him in, Garric will kill them. If they stay with him, they’ll be abetting a murderous quest they don’t believe in. There are no good options – but Aren will still have to choose a path . . .

Designed to return to classic fantasy adventures and values, from a modern perspective, this is a fast-moving coming-of-age trilogy featuring a strong cast of diverse characters, brilliant set-pieces and a strong character and plot driven story.

Praise for The Ember Blade:

‘If you like Brandon Sanderson you’ll love this. The best epic fantasy for years. – Gavin Smith, author of The Bastard Legion’ Gavin Smith

‘An incredibly rich and vibrant journey that works perfectly as a stand-alone story, but works even better as the promise of something larger. Big, bold and quite brilliant’ SFBook.com

The Ember Blade is everything I could possibly want in an epic fantasy novel, and so much more. Buy this book as soon as it is available’ Fantasy Book Review

The Ember Blade is out now in mass market paperback, eBook and audio download! Get your copy here.


Seven Blades in Black, Sam Sykes

For readers of Ed McDonald’s BLACKWING, Scott Lynch and Joe Abercrombie, SEVEN BLADES IN BLACK is a fast-paced fantasy adventure from an author who has won high praise from Robin Hobb

Acclaimed author Sam Sykes returns with a brilliant new epic fantasy set in the Scar, where the magical, decadent Imperium battles the upstart, technologically-savvy Revolution, SEVEN BLADES IN BLACK follows the exploits of Sal the Cacophony, the most famous and dangerous of all the rogue mages.

‘Seven Blades in Black offers villains that are as memorable and unique as the heroes’ Robin Hobb

Among humans, none have power like mages. And among mages, none have will like Sal the Cacophony. Once revered, now vagrant, she walks a wasteland scarred by generations of magical warfare.

The Scar, a land torn between powerful empires, is where rogue mages go to disappear, disgraced soldiers go to die and Sal went with a blade, a gun and a list of names she intended to use both on.

But vengeance is a flame swift extinguished. Betrayed by those she trusted most, her magic torn from her and awaiting execution, Sal the Cacophony has one last tale to tell before they take her head. All she has left is her name, her story and the weapon she used to carved both.

Vengeance is its own reward.

Praise for Seven Blades in Black:

‘Seven Blades in Black offers villains that are as memorable and unique as the heroes. Action, magic, romance and humor mingle well in this mammoth tale.  It’s an immersive read in a well realized world’ Robin Hobb

Seven Blades in Black is terrific. The tale of Sal the Cacophony is delightfully sarcastic and deeply sorrowful. If you’ve ever wanted to read Final Fantasy: The Book, this is it’ Nicolas Eames

‘Exciting and inventive. I never realized how much I needed wizard-hunting gunslingers in my life. Buy Sam’s book’ Peter V. Brett

‘Sykes is a master at taking familiar elements of fantasy and stirring them to a wicked, wholly original churn. In Sal the Cacophony, Sykes has crafted a protagonist for the ages. Ludicrous, wicked, delightful’ Pierce Brown

Seven Blades in Black is available now in trade paperback, eBook and audio download! Get your copy here.