Joe Abercrombie Virtual Tour – The Trouble With Peace

We are deeply pleased to announce Joe Abercrombie’s upcoming events, with his brand-new novel The Trouble With Peace soon to hit the shelves. Due to the realities of the coronavirus pandemic, these will be remote. But fear not. COVID, after all, is just another kind of battlefield . . . and these events can be enjoyed safely from the comfort of your home. Sign up by following the links below to secure your virtual seat at the table.




Monday 14 September – 6:00pm EDT / 11.00pm BST

Malaprop’s Bookstore event


Tuesday 15 September – 3:30pm EDT / 8.30pm BST

The Trouble With Peace book launch with audiobook narrator Steven Pacey

Books sold by AtHomeWith4Indies


Wednesday 16 September – 2.30pm EDT / 7.30pm BST

Interviewed by Jonathan Wright. SFX event with books sold by Toppings & Co.


Saturday 19 September – 1:00pm PDT / 9.00pm BST

Mysterious Galaxy event


Tuesday 22 September – 2.30pm EDT / 7.30pm BST

Forbidden Planet event

Admission to this great event comes FREE with every signed copy of The Trouble With Peace purchased from Forbidden Planet.


Wednesday 30 September – 4:00pm EDT / 9.00pm BST

Event with Lev Grossman hosted by Waterstones and Barnes & Noble