Book presents for book lovers

As it is the time to give lovely things to the lovely people in your life, Gillian has come up with the ultimate gift guide for book lovers… 

1)      I fell in love with this book the moment I saw it. Red leather, gold-edged pages, gold foil on the cover, and containing all seven novels in translation, for me this is the ultimate Jules Verne collection. It’s stunning. So go on, spoil someone! It’s published by Barnes and Noble and available from both Amazon and Waterstones.

2)      There’s nothing quite like beautiful stationery, and Hope House Press offers the most beautiful, personalised, leather (in your choice of colour) journals, diaries and notebooks. Visit their website to browse and fall in love with some books which quite literally have your name on them.


3)     If you’ve entered the digital age, perhaps this is more what you’re looking for, though! Disguise your e-reader with some stunning classic – and hand-made – book cover e-reader cases. Check out to see Alice In Wonderland, Emma, Sherlock Holmes or more to make all your reading classic.

4)     Or perhaps the problem is too many books? In which case a bookend or two might be just the thing . . . and here are a few recommendations, from (from left to right) TheVintageRoad2RetroTabDesign and Graphicspacewood.

5)      If a present for her is more what you had in mind, then maybe some wordy accessories are worth checking out. Again from left to right, TimelessTrinkets, Rainnua Art Pendant Shop, SunnyBooks and Junk Studio all offer some jaw-droppingly beautiful book-themed accessories.

6)      Or is it the look of a book that floats your boat? They are lovely things to have around . . . and, as it turns out, they can also be super-useful, whether it’s to charge your iPhone, turned into a lampshade , or as the very best way to drink your tea.