Start reading Paul McAuley’s stunning Something Coming Through

something coming through pbWe’re thrilled to have released the latest novel from Paul McAuley, Something Coming Through in mmp this year.

Paul McAuley has been with Gollancz for many years now, and has consistently produced some of the most exciting, awe-inspiring and frankly brilliant SF. Something Coming Through is all of those things, but also marks a bit of a new direction. It’s partly set in a very recognisable London (although there are some very important differences to the city we know), and partly on a newly colonised planet, given to humanity by the Jackaroo – a mysterious race of aliens who came to us in our darkest hour. They want to help. But how much can we trust them . . . ?

The aliens are here. Start reading Something Coming Through right now.

Something Coming Through by Paul McAuley by Orion Publishing Group