An Update from Scott Lynch

thorn of emberlainHello, everyone–

As you’ve probably noticed, retailers have been doing funny things with pre-orders of THE THORN OF EMBERLAIN, and the reason for that is because, despite all our hopes and the heroic patience of my publishers, we’re not going to make the expected September release date.

I am incredibly sorry about this, and I want it to be understood that there’s nobody to blame but me. In addition to the expected obstacles, I severely complicated my life this year by moving. The process of seeking a mortgage, securing a house, and moving across half a continent (although it was necessary, and has been mostly joyful) has eaten months of my time and made it very difficult to recover lost ground on several projects. Oh– Elizabeth Bear and I are getting married, too. Another real joy, but it’s eating spare time like you wouldn’t believe.

We are trying very hard to ensure none of this messes up my planned appearances for the rest of the year (I’ll still be at Worldcon, and in the UK in September, and at IceCon in October).

The release date information in retailer databases is going to do goofy things for a few weeks, because that’s just the way these things work, and there really isn’t anything we can do about it. Please ignore any date you see for the time being. Have a little patience, and we’ll and we’ll have another update soon.