On the tenth day of Geekmas…

michael moorcock1It’s the tenth day of Christmas, but I can’t quote the traditional song as that would give away the answer to the really quite tricky competition question. So fill in the gaps yourselves.

Anyway, on the tenth day of Christmas we’re celebrating The Michael Moorcock Collection, our herculean effort to reprint all of Mike’s genre work in definitive and newly edited editions. Ably overseen by his official bibliographer, John Davey, we currently have 16 volumes in print, with another dozen or so to go. Most of the books are omnibuses, collecting trilogies and connected works, and we also currently have 14 individual ebooks available on the SFGateway, with another 10 poised to join them next week.

I wrote quite a lot about the series and possible reading order here, but now I’m going to just put down a line or two about each of the books that you – yes, you – could win by entering our super-duper Christmas competition.

Corum: The Prince in the Scarlet Robe

Remarkable fantasy with a celtic tinge, this is perhaps Moorcock’s most accessible and straightforward fantasy series. The lonely, moody and mutilated Corum is one of the most important heroes of fantastic literature.

Corum: The Prince with the Silver Hand

He may have thought his journey was over, but Corum once more finds himself forced to take up arms against the forces of Chaos.

Hawkmoon: The History of the Runestaff

In a future Europe, much decayed and brutalised, one small country still holds out against the ravening forces of Gran Bretan. And word has come to them of an artefact that might save their world – the Runestaff.

Hawkmoon: Count Brass

Perhaps the final book you should read of the Eternal Champion series, this volume wraps up the stories of Corum, Elric, Hawkmoon, Erekose and more…

Elric of Melniboné and Other Stories

The greatest incarnation of The Eternal Champion, Elric changed everything. Presented for the first time in complete narrative order, this is a perfect way to revisit the books that perhaps defined Moorcock’s career.

Gloriana: or, The Unfulfill’d Queen

In an alternate England, a woman much like Queen Elizabeth I rules over a world-spanning empire, at the heart of which is Albion. But something rotten lurks in the heart of the state. Perhaps the most literary of Moorcock’s books on this list.

The Dancers at the End of Time

In the last years of the planet earth, humanity has become all-powerful and all-knowing. And they’re really very bored. So when a time traveller from Victorian England arrives at the end of time, they bring with them the most valuable thing in the universe – new experiences.

The Cornelius Quartet

Jerry Cornelius, Moorcock’s swinging trippy sixties spy, stars in four of Moorcock’s most experimental novels. Nothing is as it seems in this sequence of cut-up experiments and mind-altering realities.

Von Bek

Two books which prove that making a deal with the devil can be a really unfortunate career move.

The Eternal Champion

Cursed to dream of other lives and other realities, John Daker one day awakes to find himself in the body of a hero. But can he live up to the legends surrounding the Eternal Champion?

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