On the Twelfth Day of Geekmas . . .

On the twelfth day of Christmas . . . oh, look: ‘twelfth’ has the word ‘elf’ in it!  Hmm. Like a mountain made of mashed potato, this means something . . .

Or, you know, not. In any event, let’s not spend another post dwelling on numbers and travelling off on completely irrelevant, illogical tangents – let’s talk about important and serious things!

So: it turns out there’s this world, it’s completely flat, and it’s balanced on the backs of four enormous elephants, which stand on the shell of a great space turtle as it . . . hey! Where are you going? Come back! That’s not crazy talk, that’s the international fantasy phenomenon that is Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld!

The first Discworld novel, The Colour of Magic, was published in 1983, making this year the 30th anniversary  of probably the bestselling – definitely the most hilarious – world in fantasy fiction. Gollancz has been lucky enough to be the hardback publisher of the early Discworld books, and to celebrate Sir Terry Pratchett’s extraordinary creation, we are in the process of publishing beautiful hardback editions of the first twenty-one novels, which we are releasing in themed sets over the coming months. And we’re adding the first twelve releases to our bumper Christmas prize. Prepare to be tickled and enchanted by . . .

Mort Pyramids Sourcery Guards Guards Equal Rites

The Death Collection, comprising Mort, Reaper Man, Soul Music and Hogfather.

The Gods of Discworld Collection comprising Pyramids and Small Gods.

The first two instalments of the Unseen University Collection: Sourcery and Eric.

The first two instalments of the City Watch Collection: Guards! Guards! and Men At Arms.

And the first two instalments of the Witches Collection: Equal Rites and Wyrd Sisters.



To enter the competition, if you haven’t already, please fill in the form below. The competition closes at midnight on 18th December 2013.  Only one entry per person will be counted. Please note that the winner will receive some of the 12 Discworld novels as they publish over the course of next year.

This is what you could win!

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