SF Gateway: The Week in Blog Posts

Here’s a chance to catch up on the week’s activity from the point of view of SF Gateway, our sister site devoted to classic science fiction.

On Monday, we welcomed our new social media partner, STweM to the Gateway family.

Make room! Make room! On Tuesday we celebrated our SF Gateway Author of the Week, the late – but very great – Harry Harrison.

On Wednesday we engaged in a bit of pretty blatant SEO shenanigans helpfully pointed out that Author of the Week Harry Harrison had written a book that shares its title with the recently released installment of a major film franchise.

On Thursday, we celebrated the awesomeness of science with tales of rogue planets and a video of 13 billion years of the universe compressed into a little over 90 seconds. Awesome!

And finally, on Friday . . . nah, I got nothin’. Friday is the day we fly by the seat of our pants and see what wild and crazy things are going on in the world. So we may mock them. Why not go take a look in real time?


And, as they say in the classics (coz we’re all about the classics): That’s all, folks!  You can subscribe to the SF Gateway blog here or follow us on Twitter or Facebook – and now, thanks to our friends at STweMPinterest!  Stay classy classic.