This Week Through the Gateway

Welcome to your weekly round-up of what’s been happening over at the SF Gateway, our sister site devoted to classic science fiction.

This week’s spotlights are . . .

Author of the Week is the wonderful Nicola Griffith, winner of the Nebula, Tiptree and World Fantasy Awards among many others.

The New Book of the Week, Double Planet, features a comet on its way towards Earth – a compelling tale told as only two acclaimed scientists can tell it.

‘I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe . . .’ ~ SF Masterwork of the Week can only be the influential Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

And this week’s Editors’ Choice is Pat Cadigan’s brilliant story collection Patterns.


Meanwhile, over at the blog . . .

We started the week in sombre tone, paying our respects to the recently departed Sir Patrick Moore.

On Tuesday we wished SF Fandom a happy 83rd birthday.

On Wednesday we reminded you all about the massive SF Gateway end-of-year sale.

Thursday was all about Patterns – Pat Cadigan’s awesome story collection, which this week’s Editors’ Choice (as noted a mere 50 words ago – don’t tell me you’ve forgotten already?).

And finally, on Friday, we commended your eyes and ereaders to seek out our Author of the Week, the award-winning Nicola Griffith.


And that was the penultimate working week of the year over at SF Gateway.


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