On with the Con!

This morning we’re up and at ’em once again, with a full-on day planned. Yesterday we engaged more than five senses, explored international published, stopped by a great twitter debate and attended a wonderful reading by the talented Ian Whates, and we think today is going to be pretty special too. There are some pretty fabulous panels and panelists lined up. So here’s our quick daily guide to where the Gollancz Gang is going to be, and when:


11.00     Where Is The New Wave Now?

In the 1960s, the New Wave of SF introduced sex, drugs and experimental formalism to SF. SF has never been the same since: but nor

is it a continuation of the New Wave style. Our panel ask what SF has kept from the New Wave, what it has dropped, and what it should be

bringing back. Kev McVeigh moderates Jo Fletcher, Farah Mendlesohn and Christopher Priest. Be part of the conversation, in the Hawthorn room.


13.00     Cityscapes.

The great cities of fiction: Trantor, Cities in Flight, Ankh-Morpork. Who lives in them, how do they work, how do you write them? With Jaine Fenn, CE Murphy, Ian Whates and Walter Jon Williams. Join in, in the Main room.


13.00     Advice for Writers: Setting.

Discussion combining practical experience and professional observations on writing believable and detailed environments. Our own Darren Nash  moderates Chris Beckett, Aliette de Bodard, Simon Morden and Gaie Sebold. Get involved, in the Boardroom.


17.00     Patrick Moore.

People who knew or were inspired by Patrick Moore discuss his life and works. Includes a talk from long-time collaborator Dave Hardy, and contributions from Dev Agarwal, Stephen Baxter, Vince Docherty and Jaine Fenn. Share your thoughts, in the Rowan room.


18.00     Near Earth Asteroids Say Bang!

Last month saw a large asteroid pass closer to the Earth than the Moon, and a smaller one hit the ground in Russia. How long before we have a serious space accident? Is there anything we can do to stop it, or is it not politically important? Jen Delaney moderates John Coxon, Jaine Fenn and Sharon Reamer. Have your say, in the Main room.


21.00     The SF in Games.

How does science fiction work in a gaming environment (video, board or RPG)? Does the science and setting have to take second place to the rules? Are there games with SF good enough that it should be seen elsewhere too? John Dallman moderates Dr Bob, Jaine Fenn, Gareth Kavanagh and Kin-Ming Looi. Join in, in the Main room.


And if you spot one of us in passing, do stop us and say hello!