The Dying Squad

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ON SALE: 22nd July 2021

‘One of those books that fizzes with life’ – STUART TURTON, Costa First Novel Award winner

‘Fresh, inventive and funny, The Dying Squad is superbly plotted and packs an emotional heft rarely seen in a debut’ – MW CRAVEN, CWA Gold Dagger Award winner


When Detective Inspector Joe Lazarus storms a Lincolnshire farmhouse, he expects to bring down a notorious drug gang; instead, he discovers his own dead body and a spirit guide called Daisy-May.

She’s there to enlist him to the Dying Squad, a spectral police force made up of the recently deceased. Joe soon realises there are fates far worse than death. To escape being stuck in purgatory, he must solve his own murder. A task made all the more impossible when his memories start to fade.

Reluctantly partnering with Daisy-May, Joe faces dangers from both the living and the dead in the quest to find his killer – before they kill again.

Recruits are loving THE DYING SQUAD:

‘Whip-smart, fresh with a dash of dark humour, The Dying Squad is a wildly entertaining read. Highly recommended’ – ADAM HAMDY, Sunday Times bestselling author

‘Adam has crafted something unique with The Dying Squad, mashing fantasy and crime together in a way I’ve not seen before . . . I’m sure it will be a huge success’ – JAMES OSWALD, author of the Sunday Times bestselling Inspector McLean series

‘Funny, creepy and compelling’ – ANNA STEPHENS, acclaimed author of Godblind

‘Grim, wry and inventive, a twisting tale with both guts and heart. Never has Lincolnshire seemed more desolate, or more menacing’ – DAVID WRAGG, The Black Hawks


Untameably original, so stylish and packed with a biting humour
Rob Parker, author of A Wanted Man