The Harper Connelly Omnibus

The Harper Connelly Omnibus

A stunning omnibus edition of the entire Harper Connelly mystery collection

Harper Connelly has always been unique: ever since she was struck by lightning she’s had the ability to locate the dead.

She does what she can to put her unique ability to good use, with the aid of her step-brother Tolliver, but it’s not always easy. Her cases can be heart-wrenching, complex – and sometimes, if someone would rather the body wasn’t found, they can even even be dangerous …

Each of these engaging mysteries is smart, well-conceived and gripping. Sometimes sexy, sometimes challenging, sometimes heart-breaking, a Harper Connelly mystery is always a treat.
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On Sale: 21st November 2013

Price: £20

ISBN-13: 9780575092198


The stories are engaging puzzles that keep you constantly guessing whodunit.
Blackpool Gazette, Blackpool Gazette
The stores are engaging puzzles that keep you guessing whodunit
Stourbride News
a gripping read...if you fancy losing yourself in some tightly weaved mysteries then get your hands on this omnibus
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