The Wood Bee Queen

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781473226876

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ON SALE: 23rd June 2022

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“Excellent! Dark and light and brilliant.” – Miles Cameron

Somewhere in England, in a small town called Strange Ground by the Skea, Ebbie Wren is the last librarian and he’s about to lose his job. Estranged from his parents, unable to make connections with anyone except the old homeless lady who lives near the library, Ebbie isn’t quite sure what he’s supposed to do next. His only escape from reality is his deep interest in local folklore, but reality is far stranger than Ebbie can dream.

On the other side of the sky and the sea, the Queen of House Wood Bee has been murdered. Her sister has made the first move in a long game, one which will lead her to greatness, yet risk destruction for the entire Realm. She needs the two magical stones Foresight and Hindsight for her power to be complete, but no one knows where they are. Although the sword recently stolen by Bek Rana, small time thief and not very good at it, might hold a clue to their location . . . and to stopping the chaos. But all Bek wants is to sell the sword and buy herself a better life. She’s not interested in being a hero, and neither is Ebbie.

But someone is forcing their hand and playing for the heart of the Realm. Ebbie and Bek are destined to unite. They must find a way to stop the destruction of House Wood Bee, save the Realm, and just maybe save themselves in the process. All victories come at a price. The Oldungods are rising. And they are watching…


A highly original modern fantasy from one of the rising stars of British SFF. Real, archetypal, heartfelt and playful
Paul Cornell
Excellent! Dark and light and brilliant.
Christian/Miles Cameron
An engaging dive into a fascinating fantasy world
Adrian Tchaikovsky
The Wood Bee Queen is a much needed breath of wonder in these times.
Gavin Smith
The Wood Bee Queen is an excellently-paced fantasy adventure, with a strong central cast and a world that's crying for further exploration. Thumbs up emoji!
James Oswald
A cleverly plotted fantasy story, full of symbolism that reads like an old fairy tale.
Stephen Aryan
As fresh as a sea breeze from another realm. Completely engrossing and enchanting fantasy
Mark Stay
I loved it and didn't want to leave its world when I finished reading. It's a love letter to books, libraries, fairy tales and love itself
A.K. Benedict