Deep Black

Hardcover / ISBN-13: 9781399615037

Price: £25

ON SALE: 1st August 2024

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Marca Nbaro had always dreamed of serving aboard the Greatships, with their vast cargo holds and a crew that could fill a city.

They are the lifeblood of human-occupied space, transporting an unimaginable volume – and value – of goods from City, the greatest human orbital, all the way to Tradepoint at the other, to trade for xenoglas with an unknowable alien species.

And now, out in the darkness of space, something is targeting them.

Nbaro and her friends are close to locating their enemy, in this gripping sequel to the award-nominated Artifact Space, but they are running out of time – and their allies are running out of patience . . .

Written by one of the most exciting new voices in SF, this space thriller will keep readers on the edge of their seats.


Fabulous. Fans of Star Trek the Next Generation looking for an intriguing modern space opera to fall in love with are in luck!
Sebastian de Castell
A superb military science fiction adventure, in a fascinating universe
Garth Nix
Now I've read Artifact Space I know what it's really going to be like serving aboard an armed interstellar merchant ship, with a smart lead character as my companion. Can't wait for part two.
Peter F. Hamilton
I loved Nbaro. I loved her crew. I loved their ship, the Athens, and I loved every page of this book. Miles has done something extraordinary here, fusing space adventure and war-time camaraderie with gritty, day-to-day detail in a way that makes the future feel like history in the best way possible
Nicholas Eames, author of KINGS OF THE WYLDE
An excellent military space opera that serves up the feel of an old-school galactic adventure in a refreshing and cutting-edge style that's fiendishly addictive to read
Jeremy Szal, author of Stormblood
Take an extremely likeable hero, throw in a clever and engaging re-mapping of real-world naval aviation procedures onto a detailed futuristic canvas, then wrap the whole thing up in a satisfyingly mysterious universe with some intriguing aliens, and you have a winner!
Alastair Reynolds
With all the thrills and intrigue of classic Space Opera served with a very modern heart, Artifact Space is a wild and hugely entertaining story
Edward Cox, author of THE RELIC GUILD
Some of the best military SF I've ever read
R. J. Barker
'Artifact Space is THE premiere epic space opera to have on your summer reading list. Cameron pulls no punches with razor-sharp prose, fast-paced storytelling, universe-scale world-building, and a cast of characters you can't help but root for. Cameron fans and sci-fi fans alike are in for a real treat
FanFi Addict
Thrilling, terrifying and sublime
The Times