Seven Blades in Black

Seven Blades in Black

Acclaimed author Sam Sykes returns with a brilliant new epic fantasy that introduces an unforgettable outcast mage caught between two warring empires.

Her magic was stolen. She was left for dead.

Betrayed by those she trusts most and her magic ripped from her, all Sal the Cacophony has left is her name, her story, and the weapon she used to carve both. But she has a will stronger than magic, and knows exactly where to go.

The Scar, a land torn between powerful empires, where rogue mages go to disappear, disgraced soldiers go to die and Sal went with a blade, a gun, and a list of seven names.

Revenge will be its own reward.

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On Sale: 2nd May 2019

Price: £18.99

ISBN-13: 9781473218253


Gunslingers and mad mages and monsters, oh my
Chuck Wendig, New York Times bestselling author
Compulsive from start to finish
Kirkus (starred review)
An irresistible mix of passion and wit
David Dalglish
By the end of the first page, you'll know Sam is in love with his characters. By the end of the second, you'll know you are too
Myke Cole, author of The Armoured State
Sykes is a master at taking familiar elements of fantasy and stirring them to a wicked, wholly original churn . . . Ludicrous, wicked, delightful
Pierce Brown, New York Times bestselling author of Red Rising
With skillful worldbuilding, unexpected humor, and characters real enough to touch, this is easily Sykes's best book to date
Publishers Weekly, starred review
Exciting and inventive. I never realised how much I needed wizard-hunting gunslingers in my life
Peter V. Brett, New York Times bestselling author of The Painted Man
Seven Blades in Black is terrific. The tale of Sal the Cacophony is delightfully sarcastic and deeply sorrowful
Nicholas Eames, author of Kings of the Wyld
Sykes' writing is full of heart, hilarity, and the frank understanding that as humans we are all disasters. Come for the adventures, stay for the weirdos
R.F. Kuang, author of The Poppy War
Seven Blades in Black offers villains that are as memorable and unique as the heroes . . . It's an immersive read in a well realised world
Robin Hobb, New York Times bestselling author of Fool’s Assassin