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The new novel from Simon Ings is a story that balances on the knife blade of a new technology. Augmented Reality uses computing power to overlay a digital imagined reality over the real world. Whether it be adverts or imagined buildings and imagined people, with Augmented Reality the world is no longer as it appears to you, it is as it is imagined by someone else.

Two friends are working at the cutting edge of this technology and when they are offered backing to take the idea and make it into the next global entertainment they realise that wolves hunt in this imagined world. And the wolves might be them.

A story about technology becomes a personal quest into a changed world and the pursuit of a secret from the past. A secret about a missing mother, a secret that could hide a murder. This is no dry analysis of how a technology might change us, it is a terrifying thriller, a picture of a dark tomorrow that is just around the corner. Ings takes the satire and mordant satirical view of J.G. Ballard and propels it into the 21st century.


"Ings' return to full-throttle SF is a cause for celebration. His gift for edgy slipstream fiction makes comparisons with both JG Ballard and William Gibson apposite. Bleak, brutal and uncompromising . If there's any justice in the world it'll win awards."4.5 star review
Jonathan Wright, SFX
a murder mystery, with elements of horror, thriller and exploration woven through...Ings creates an incredibly vivid world which leaps out from teh page with shock...I loved this book
Fantasy Book Review
a moving take of the movers and shakers of technology. Overall grade: A
Patrick Hayes, Sci-fi Pulse.net
Simon Ings' book is worthy of anybody's shelf especially if your humour level is of a wicked variety
Flickering Myth
One of the best books I've read this year...Ings is the sort of stylist who makes other writers touch the peaks of their caps in respect for his technical skill
Sibilant Fricative
Simon pulls it off to a higher degree, if not quite fully-turning reality into alternative reality through Augmented Reality!
Mark Watkins, Blast 1386
I confidently expect this book to feature on a few best of the year lists this time next year (I certainly expect it to feature on my list)
Paul Kincaid, BullSpec.com
one of the key books of next year...a serious, ambitious and discomforting novel
Christopher Priest