Alternate Histories

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ON SALE: 21st November 2013

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Here, collected for the first time in eBook form, are seven of Stephen Baxter’s most remarkable and enjoyable novels, all dealing with alternate histories.

In the TIME’S TAPESTRY series – containing the novels EMPEROR, CONQUEROR, NAVIGATOR and WEAVER – we see a series of different versions of our own world’s history, constantly changing and being altered. Covering the time from the Roman occupation of Britain through to the German invasion of 1940, this series explains why our history is the way it is, and what might have happened differently.

In the NORTHLAND trilogy (STONE SPRING, BRONZE SUMMER, IRON WINTER), Baxter explores an alternative creation of the British landscape, following a stone-age tribe from the now-flooded land-bridge that once connected Great Britain and Europe. In their frantic attempts to hold back the rising seas, the people of Northland will discover new techniques and technologies – discoveries that will change the course of human civilisation.

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