Mordant's Need

ebook / ISBN-13: 9780575108486

Price: £10.99

ON SALE: 16th June 2011

A compelling, unusual fantasy by one of the world’s best-selling fantasy writers

A lonely young woman feels isolated from the world: she uses mirrors to reassure herself that she is still alive – and then they change her life when, one night, a young man appears through the mirror and persuades her to come with him to his own land, where mirrors are magical gateways to other places. This strange new land is in conflict, for war has been foretold, but the king appears completely uninterested in the fate of the world. It is left to the Imagers, masters of mirrors, try to decide the fate of the realm.

Donaldson’s firm control of the plot and his terrific characterisation make THE MIRROR OF HER DREAMS and the sequel, A MAN RIDES THROUGH, a story of great intrigue and psychological intricacy, filled with sexual tension, lust and love, as well as magic, battles and excitement. THE MIRROR OF HER DREAMS is a compelling read: a book that should be on every fantasy fan’s shelf.